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Coir needlefelt mats

MAL coir needlefelt mats are made from coir fibre and natural latex, by our partner company in South India. The needle felt mats are pressed on a heated press to the required thickness and dried in ovens to enhance the durability of the product.

An excellent natural product for the upholstery. MAL coir needlefelt mats with their open and resilient structure offer a good microclimate. In addition, they feature very good shock absorbing properties and are very robust. By using natural latex foam instead of synthetic binders, MAL coir needlefelt mats achieve a higher flexibility.

We produce coir needlefelt mats according to the specifications of the client in thicknesses from 0,7cm onwards and different volume weights and strengths, especially for the mattress and upholstery industry. Coir needlefelt is – as a standard - supplied as mats.