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We are manufacturers of rubberised coir mattresses and other rubberised coir products in organic and fair trade quality

MAL rubberised coir products are sustainable in every respect. We are the pioneers in using certified organic raw material for the manufacture of mattresses and we have remained true to this philosophy since 1999. Our rubber and coconut plantations are certified by Control Union as organic plantations. All our coconut fibres originate from certified coconut plantations in Sri Lanka. The fibres are processed with latex from certified rubber plantations in India by our partner in India. Our natural latex is certified by the Global Latex Standard (GOLS). The production is certified to Fair Trade guidelines and has been awarded the Fair Choice Seal by Control Union.

High quality rubberised coir products made of 100% organically grown coconut fibre and organic natural latex.

We use coconut omat fibres from controlled organic cultivation. The organic coconut omat ropes are untwisted by machine, spread out and sprayed with organic natural latex. These rubberised coconut coir sheets are placed in layers, compressed and vulcanized to produce a firm and lasting product with excellent resilient properties. These high-quality products are durable, they retain their shape, they breathe and allow air to pass through.

MAL rubberised coir is certified to GOTS standards.