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Organic latex foam from certified organic raw materials with Fair Trade, GOLS und QUL Certificate

MAL organic latex foam for mattresses, pillows and toppers

is more than "pure nature": our long pioneering was rewarded by the Control Union certificate for the complete latex foam production chain. Similar to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the new Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) reviews the production as well as all stages of the manufacturing process and their conformity to environmental and social aspects, achieving the highest standard of manufacturing quality.

The GOLS certificate distinguishes MAL natural latex foam, but that is not all to it:

  • 100% organically controlled raw material - certified by Control Union
  • 100% environmental friendly production from the beginning to the end of the process and the finished product – certified by GOLS.
  • 100% fair production conditions, no child labour - certified by Fair Choice.
  • 100% tested for harmful substances according to QUL criteria - certified by QUL.

Natural organic latex foam from certified rubber plantations

We receive our natural latex from our certified rubber plantations in India. As in most natural products, the fast processing of the raw material is essential for the quality of the end product. That is why our natural latex is processed on site - in its country of origin – in India, with the added benefit of making use of the local experience and knowledge in the processing of caoutchouc.

Our organic latex is produced using the well known and approved Dunlop procedure. Our products prove their excellent quality in “LGA Quality Test” that are periodically carried out.

In case the “pure nature” rating is not sufficient to convince you or your client, the GOLS certificate ensures that the end products truly deserve the designation “sustainable product”. Since we are certified through Fair Choice (which is based on Fair Trade), we make for each sale a prorated social welfare contribution which we document on our invoices.

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