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Our philosophy: promote development of a sustainable quality product

MAL has evolved from the idea to develop a model company that is able to run economically and also contributes towards the development of the environment and the society in the less wealthy regions of the world. Since our establishment in 1985, the motto is to produce high quality, natural products free of harmful substances from naturally-grown raw material in order to strike a balance between the economical and the ecological aspects. This is achieved by our company group, MAL Sri Lanka & MAL India (Plantation & Production) and MAL Germany (Marketing). MAL stands for sustainability: Environment-Economy-Social

Our contribution towards the environment, economy and the society goes hand in hand. We convert our ecological ideas beginning from plantation to the processing and production and help our employees to achieve a fair income in the long term and build chances for the future.

High-tech production in an environment friendly way

Our environment friendly project sponsors small local farmers and labourers. We have started very early with converting the conventional plantations to environment friendly farming, to the benefit of the environment, but also as an additional source of income for the small farmers. They can earn an additional income by marketing the spices, fruits and vegetables that are grown in the mixed cultivation.

The high-tech production does not conflict with our commitment for the local farming infrastructure, on the contrary, it is rather a guarantee for its success. This is sustainability, too – we research intensely on improving our methods. In 2000, MAL was awarded the Innovation prize by the Bund Umwelt und Naturschutz Bayern.

We have pioneered in developing the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) - GOLS is a standard for organic latex that for the first time gives equal weight to the plantation and processing processes while fully considering all ecological aspects.