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Certificates and awards for MAL natural latex and coco fibres

GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard

Our products are certified according to GOTS-guidelines

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FSC ® - Forest Stewardship Council ®

It an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. FSC certifies forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. We provide FSC-certified natural Latex from responsible forestry which you can be sure of is not harming the forests.

GOLS - Global Organic Latex Standard

The "Global Organic Latex Standard", GOLS is the first international standard for sustainably processed latex products from organic raw materials. This standard extends from the stage of cultivation to the multiple processing steps and up to packing and labelling of latex products. Strict environmental and social criteria have to be maintained throughout the complete production process. Thus GOLS is today a comprehensive certification system for maintenance of a sustainable natural latex product. The GOLS certificate is awarded by Control Union.

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Control Union

Control Union is an international inspection and certification body in the field of ecological plantations and organic production methods, sustainable textile production and sustainable forestry.

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First organic certificate Sri Lanka

We were one of the first mattress manufacturing companies to use certified organic raw materials for the mattress production and use it since 1999 until today. This certificate is for Latex/Rubber and Coconut plantations.

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Control Union - Fair Choice

Our production has been certified by Control Union Fair Trade guidelines.

Bio Suisse

Our products fullfill Bio Suisse criteria

USDA organic

Our products fulfill USDA organic criteria.


Durability test and evaluation of the resilience characteristic according to LGA-Guidelines and E DIN EN

Innovation Award 2000

presented to our Company by the "Bund Naturschutz Bavaria" (Organization of Nature Preservation in Bavaria) at the Ö-XPO 2000 in Würzburg, Germany. It recognizes especially our company's philosophy and contribution towards the ecological and environmental concept we have been practicing in our establishment.

In addition, they have evaluated our environment friendly project the "Ecological and Organic Plantations and Products of Sri Lanka and India". Rubber Research Institute of Sri Lanka, Latex manufacturers, plantation companies and small farmers.

The Ö-XPO is organised by the Bund Naturschutz Bavaria, in order to promote ecological and environment friendly products manufactured in the State of Bavaria. This was the first time an award was presented to a company having their different projects abroad and located in Bavaria.

Bund Naturschutz Bavaria showed their appreciation of the small-timefarmers and those parties who support a project close to nature in Sri Lanka. It has been proven once again that the concept followed by the company MAL was on the correct path adhering strictly to the international environmental norms.